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NEXT STOPP meeting will be on
Monday – March 4th at 7pm. 

We hold our meetings at the
Saddle Mt. RV Park
40902 W Osborn Rd. Tonopah, Arizona

Our meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome.

Tonopah, AZ. a small rural desert community about 50 miles from Phoenix. Majestic mountains, endless blue skies, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Clean pristine air free from the pollutants of the city. Water as nature intended it. Refreshing and pure.

The name Tonopah means “Hot Water under Bush”. Underneath Tonopah is an extensive subterranean aquifer ensuring that wells dug in the area never lack water.

November 2013, Hickman Egg Farms purchased 360 acres and with the intention to build a state of the art egg farm in Tonopah, AZ. January 9, 2014 the residents received the catastrophic details about the purposed egg farm during a town hall meeting hosted by Hickman Egg. The news was greeted by horror and disbelief. Billy Hickman said this was a done deal and the residents could do nothing to halt the construction of the egg farm. There are 4 phases with a total of 28 chicken buildings, 2 egg processing plants and 12 million chickens. Residents asked questions concerning the air pollution, water contamination and decimation of the water table, health issues, traffic and road wear, use of prison inmates as workers, and the decline in property values. According to the Hickman’s, our way of life would be lightly impacted. The residents did not believe this. In the ensuing months as residents researched the affects a “farm” of this magnitude their concerns grew.

Present Day: The landscape has changed as 10 industrial size buildings march across the horizon. Each building is approximately 82ft. wide, 560 ft. long x 30 ft. high. The processing plant is approximately 200 ft. x 200 ft. x 220 ft. The water tower is 44 ft. high, 80 ft. across with a million and a 1/2 gallons of water.1 cement pond full of wastewater from the buildings (the size of a football field). 5 of these industrial building are filled with 1,650,000 chickens. When the 10 buildings are full there will be 3.0 million chickens altogether. That is Phase 1 which is nearly complete. There are 3 more phases. When the project is completed there will be 28 industrial chicken buildings, 2 egg processing plants, out buildings and 12 million chickens.

A health, environmental, and property value nightmare for the residents who had once lived the American Dream.